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My love for words has always included poetry in various forms.  I started writing poems in grade school and found that the verses were a form of hide and seek for my emotions.  What I couldn't say out loud, I could covertly express in my poems.  The feelings that were not "appropriate" or "troublesome" became acceptable under the guise of  iambic pentameter.  

Throughout many of life's challenges, successes, and desires, poetry has been my "wing person".  It has accompanied me on travels near and far.  I have filled countless journals with verse. Some poems were short and cryptic.  Others were long and detailed.  Whatever forms I chose to write contributed to the literary history of my life thus far.

I have two completed manuscripts of poetry ready to be formatted. Why haven't I done that yet?  Those scripts are extremely personal and document key points in my life that can be difficult to share.  I am considering the possibility of releasing some of the poems with the novel "Four-Ninety and Holding" as I feel they would add to the message that Marahlena is trying to convey.  We'll see....

This section will be reserved for the poetry I am ready to release.  It is also a way to push me toward publishing those manuscripts. Some of my poetry has been published at:

 NOTE: This site has been changed and no longer provides 
access to my poetry.  I am currently working on a manuscript for publication. 
Please message if you are interested in any
of the titles listed below and I will be happy to share. 

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Here are the poems that were once listed:

Name                            Title

Mary Varville Rodriguez           Da Sind Alte Geschicte  
                                                        (That's Ancient History)

Mary Varville Rodriguez          Incomplete Inspiration

Mary Varville Rodriguez           Holding On

Mary Varville Rodriguez            Rain

Mary B. Varville Rodriguez Linens on the Line

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