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Four-Ninety and Holding
(as the sparks fly upward)

“Yet man is born to trouble, as the sparks fly upward.”
-Job 5:7

"Four-Ninety and Counting"  is based on real events and told in the voice of Marahlena, the main character who reveals her personality and struggles one layer at a time.

Marahlena wondered, "How much more can a person be required to forgive?  To infinity? At what point does that forgiveness become detrimental to the emotional, spiritual, and physical well being of the person who forgives over and over and over...?" 

Marahlena was starting to believe that the forgiveness itself was an addiction. How many times would she continue to forgive before it once again became a hazard to her health?  The last time nearly took her life.

Marahlena closed her eyes. “I want this feeling of peace to last forever,” she thought. “What do I need to do?” She couldn’t help but remember what had occurred six months ago. Perhaps healing emotional scars involved recalling the traumatic parts – facing them head on and releasing the adhesion. Just like the taught muscle fibers. Maybe, just maybe, it was time to deal with all the pain. 

Marahlena is a survivor.  But before she can begin to heal from past trauma, she will need to revisit some unpleasant, heart breaking moments.  She discovers acceptance and forgiveness comes with a price.  There are unexpected collateral damages she needs to face along with unplanned blessings.  Her journey will capture your attention and leave you wondering, "What would I have done in her situation?"  The story is based on actual events inspired by a real life "Marahlena".  Perhaps you know someone like her.  

This book is a work in progress.  Please check back for future excerpts and the long awaited release date for:

Four-Ninety and Holding   

A Hint about the title:
The following excerpts attributed to:

Question: "What did Jesus mean when He said that we should forgive others seventy times seven?"

Answer: Jesus said we are to forgive others “seventy times seven” in response to Peter’s question, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?” (Matthew 18:21-22). To fully understand what Jesus was saying, we must look at the context of the whole chapter, for Jesus was speaking not only about forgiving one another but about Christian character, both in and out of the church. The admonition to forgive our brother seventy times seven follows Jesus’ discourse on discipline in the church (Matthew 18:15-20), in which He lays down the rules for restoring a sinning brother.

By saying we are to forgive those who sin against us seventy times seven, Jesus was not limiting forgiveness to 490 times, a number that is, for all practical purposes, beyond counting. Christians with forgiving hearts not only do not limit the number of times they forgive; they continue to forgive with as much grace the thousandth time as they do the first time. Christians are only capable of this type of forgiving spirit because the Spirit of God lives within us, and it is He who provides the ability to offer forgiveness over and over, just as God forgives us over and over.

Though inspired by Matthew 18:21-22, this novel is not specifically religious in nature.  Rather, it allows us to imagine how and why Marahlena responds to the challenges she faces, what defines her path, and who inspires her to make difficult decisions even when those close to her feel they are mistakes.

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